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The team at Fuel Cell Systems has been applying fuel cells to real-life tasks since 2003. In that time we've accumulated a great deal of knowledge across all technologies and sizes of different Fuel Cells. This has resulted in FCS being asked to consult on projects ranging from low power off-grid to multi-megawatt city wide local generation.

Our services are often called upon for funded projects from the EU FCH-JU (Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) and the UK government's Innovate UK program as well as by industry for early-stage advice  on the best approach to using the technology.

Remote Power

Many utilities, agencies and organisations need reliable remote power. The data from flood monitoring, remote surveillance, atmospheric measurement and communications equipment all need to be communicated from locations not necessarily blessed with mains power.

Fuel cells provide an all-weather solution that can keep providing power even though weather conditions prevent site visits. Reduced visits mean instant cost savings and reliable power greatly improves overall system performance levels.

Fuel cells can communicate data on their own status that can be integrated with the main data stream or transmitted separately using our REMO remote monitoring system.



Monitoring & Measurement


Offshore Power

Atmospheric & environmental monitoring

Wildlife Photography


Large Scale Fuel Cell CHP

Megawatt-scale fuel cell power generation offers a clean and efficient facility for local power generation, generally known as Distributed Generation. Mostly using the mains gas network to provide fuel, these systems fit the distributed generation concepts now being widely adopted across Europe.

Distributed generation provides a number of significant benefits including reduced transmission losses; reduced strain on the grid and very high efficiencies resulting from use of off-heat for heating or cooling purposes. It is estimated that UK grid losses amount to around 21% of generated electricity¹ and that the heat losses from our electricity generation systems alone are sufficient to heat every home in the UK.

Local generation allows us to capture this lost heat and provide distributed heating at low cost using less fuel. Many UK local councils are already moving ahead with plans for local generation but the opportunity is available to private industry also and substantial benefits can be gained, particularly where the off-heat energy can be utisised on-site.

¹DECC, 2014 ' Digest of UK Energy Statistics'

Other applications

We provide fuel cell technology for a host of other uses, including:

  • Powering temporary buildings
  • Transport (Rail, road & air)
  • Materials handling
  • Blue light and defence applications.
  • Cellular base stations

as well as offering Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling systems 

Marine Fuel Cells

Fuel cells offer a proven solution for auxiliary marine power. Their light weight; automated operation; silent running and cleanliness make them an instant hit with users. They require no maintenance and require no holes to be drilled in the hull for cooling water circulation or exhaust.

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