EFOY COMFORT from Fuel Cell Systems – clean, quiet, on-board power

Here’s what our marine customers have to say about the EFOY COMFORT fuel cell



“Amazingly simple to use and efficient.  I would never row across any ocean without it!”

Andrei Rosu – Atlantic Challenge (Rowing the Atlantic) 2017




“Used for 4 years – a clean, quiet, trouble free alternative to an onboard generator with only water as a by-product. Enjoy the peace and quiet of sailing while silently topping up the batteries”

Mark Phillips – Yacht Ismana 2018




“The Fuel Cell is a brilliant bit of kit, with an automatic kick in, which monitors your battery levels and turns on when it’s needed. Meaning you just don’t have to think about it, you can rely on it to look after everything for you.”

Nikki Curwen – Mini Transat 2015