Mini Hydrogen Dispenser

Fuel Cell Systems Ltd (FCSL) is the UK’s leading provider of consultancy, integration and distribution in the hydrogen fuel cell market.  Fuel cells can be used to provide power in a wide range of applications including buildings, communications towers, fork lift trucks, buses and cars.   The Office of Low Emission Vehicles has stated that fuel cell technology will play a strategic role in helping to deliver the Government ambition that all new cars have zero tailpipe emissions by 2040.

In time, hydrogen fuel cell cars will become commonplace instead of unusual.  Breakdown vans will need to cover hydrogen vehicles – they already have fast-charge options for battery-electric vehicles.  They will need the option to top-up an empty tank for hydrogen vehicles.

FCSL are delighted to launch the Mini Hydrogen Dispenser unit, as an emergency-fill option for stranded hydrogen vehicles.The unit uses BOC/Linde Genie hydrogen cylinders at 300 bar and the standard 350 bar dispensing nozzle, using passive cascading only (no compression and no chilling as these would add weight, size and cost).

Assuming the vehicle is practically empty, the unit can dispense around 60 bar of hydrogen into the fuel tank.  In real-world terms, this gives passenger vehicles 30-40 miles of additional range, equivalent to a jerry can of traditional liquid fuels.

Markets for the unit will include breakdown recovery fleets who wish to offer comparable services for ‘alternative fuel’ vehicles.   Also anyone using hydrogen fuel who would like an onsite back-up option.  Hydrogen fork lift trucks and dual-fuel vans are becoming more popular and this unit contained within a service shed could be enabling.

A one-off unit will cost £14,750.  A week-long hire with 6 cylinders will cost £2000.  Longer term hires can be discussed.



Technical Information

Hydrogen Storage2 x BOC Genie Cylinders
Hydrogen Pressure300 bar
Hydrogen Mass0.8 kg
Filling NozzleWEH TK 16
Filling Capabilities2 cylinders: 50 bar to 110 bar (35 miles)

4 cylinders: 50 bar to 150 bar (60 miles)

Dimensions (mm)916 (h) x 860 (w) x 382 (d)
Weight45 kg (without cylinders)


Hydrogen Refuelling Product Spectrum

The FCSL approach to help bridge the infrastructure gap in the most cost-effective way, is to design and build a ‘refuelling spectrum’ of hydrogen dispensing products.  The full spectrum will allow us to better serve our customers by specifying only the componentry that is necessary to fulfil their hydrogen fuel need, lessening the initial infrastructure burden.
Please contact us with your specific requirements.The products increase in size, complexity and cost from left to right.