The AA becomes first customer for new Mini Hydrogen Dispenser

Fuel Cell Systems launches Mini Hydrogen Dispenser in UK with the AA taking delivery of the first production unit

Fuel Cell Systems Ltd are delighted to launch our Mini Hydrogen Dispenser – an emergency fill option for hydrogen vehicles.  The Office of Low Emission Vehicles has stated that fuel cell technology will play a strategic role in helping to deliver the Government ambition that all new cars have zero tailpipe emissions by 2040.

The first production unit has been delivered to the AA, ready for incorporation into a world-first alternative re-fuel technical development vehicle, alongside a BEV emergency charge unit – really putting the AA at the forefront of new fuelling innovation.

Fuel cells can be used to provide power in a wide range of applications including buildings, communications towers, buses and cars. They generate electricity through a chemical process that combines hydrogen gas with oxygen from the air.  The only waste product is water.

In time, hydrogen fuel cell cars will become commonplace instead of unusual.  Breakdown recovery vans will need to

offer the equivalent of a “jerry can” of fuel for stranded hydrogen vehicles and the Mini Hydrogen Dispenser from Fuel Cell Systems meets this need.  Breakdown companies already have fast-charge options for battery electric vehicles.  The unit can dispense around 60 bar of hydrogen, providing 30-40 miles of additional range.


Funded by Innovate UK, the project was led by Beth Dawson, Major Projects Manager at Fuel Cell Systems, who commented, “We are delighted that the AA has agreed to incorporate this unit into their technical development vehicle.  The support from the Innovate UK family has also been invaluable throughout the product development.