Refuelling the first UK Hydrogen Train

Fuel Cell Systems Ltd are delighted to be involved in the HydroFLEX project to develop the UK’s first

hydrogen powered passenger train alongside the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Railway Research and Education and Porterbrook.  Fuel Cell Systems Ltd is providing a mobile refuelling service for the train.

The testing of HydroFLEX on a mainline route is an important step in the development of a zero-carbon emission propulsion system that could help to decarbonise Britain’s railway. The HydroFLEX project involves fitting a hydrogen powerpack to an existing Class 319 train, meaning it could run on conventional electrified routes as well as independently. This results in a highly flexible train that can operate on different parts of Britain’s rail network.

Alex Burrows, Director at Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, commented: “This is a great success story for the UK Rail Industry, which shows our capability and commitment to helping the government meet decarbonisation targets. Key to this success is the close partnership between academia and industry which has enabled us to pool the expertise needed to rapidly progress this technology from concept to full-scale working demonstrator.

Fuel Cell Systems Ltd provides a range of mobile hydrogen refuelling options for differing transport sectors.  HydroFLEX is currently utilising our mobile refuelling truck to provide onsite fuelling.  Tom Chicken, CTO from Fuel Cell Systems said “We are extremely proud to be involved in this innovative project which marks an important step towards reducing emissions from the rail network.  Development of refuelling infrastructure, both mobile and static,  will be key to facilitating take-up of hydrogen fuel cell technology across the transport sector.”