Rapid Deployment Case – Delivering Portable Power

Fuel Cell Systems Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of consultancy, integration and distribution in the hydrogen fuel cell market. We have been applying fuel cells to real life situations since 2003.
Fuel cells provide an all-weather solution to the need for ongoing, remote power. They are emissions-free, have few moving parts and can operate for several weeks or even months without human intervention.
When coupled with an appropriate enclosure, a fuel cell can give you these extended    runtimes whatever the location or climate conditions.


The FCS Rapid Deployment Case has been specially designed by Fuel Cell Systems in the UK, to house an EFOY Pro Fuel Cell, a lightweight LifePO4 battery and 16.5kWh of methanol fuel.  Rated for outdoor use and designed for portability, the case has in-built wheels allowing for easy transport. By removing the methanol cartridge, it is brought in line with a one-man lift. The case is lockable, and the tough construction ensures the fuel cell remains safe.
It has been used by the BBC to power cameras for its Winterwatch series in the Highlands of Scotland, by an acoustic consultancy to power noise monitoring equipment and by police forces in the UK.
The Rapid Deployment Case can communicate data on its status, either integrated with the main data stream, or transmitted using FCSL’s StackWatch remote monitoring system. So the system can work independently for several weeks, whilst you remain in control of the information it provides.