Rapid Deployment Case completes range of enclosures

Fuel cells can be left to provide reliable, remote power for weeks or even months.  When coupled with the right enclosure for your application, a fuel cell can give you these extended runtimes whatever the location or climate conditions.   Each case contains the appropriate sized fuel cell, fuel cartridges and batteries for a complete back up power solution.

FCS Rapid Deployment Case

The new FCS Rapid Deployment Case, designed by Fuel Cell Systems, is light and portable and is the smallest of the enclosures we offer. Rated for outdoor use, this enclosure has been used by the BBC for the Winterwatch series in the Highlands of Scotland.  In-built wheels allow for easy transport, and by removing the methanol fuel cartridge, it is in line with a one-man lift.  The case is lockable and the tough construction ensures the fuel cell will remain safe.


EFOY ProCube

Where more power is needed, the EFOY ProCube is a complete, mobile, maintenance-free solution for off-grid power supply. It can be used temporarily e.g. on construction sites, or permanently in hard to access locations.  Used in hybrid mode, it can be act as a back-up or as an expansion for solar powered systems.



EFOY ProEnergy Box

The EFOY ProEnergy Box has been developed especially for use in sub- zero temperatures as well as in high ambient temperatures,  ranging from -40 to +50 degrees centigrade.  This enclosure was used successfully during the arctic winter by the British Antarctic Survey to provide power for a suite of scientific instruments.



EFOY ProCabinet

The EFOY ProCabinet product line is a series of outdoor complete energy solutions for the autonomous, stationary provision of power. It consists of a control cabinet, providing space for customised installations. The cabinets can be designed to accommodate one or more fuel cells, 28 litre fuel cartridges and batteries.