Propane SOFC Fuel Cells

Continuous Charge Power250W
Operating Voltage12/24VDC
Nominal Charging Current20/10A
Operating Temperature-20 to 50°C
Fuel Consumption (Propane)0.5kg/kWh

AMI’s fuel cell is designed to work with existing power infrastructure. The fuel cell waits for batteries to become low and then simply recharges them as needed. The fuel cell is a reliable backup that, unlike solar, isn’t dependent on environmental factors and will always provide power when needed.

Unlike other power sources, the AMI fuel cell is incredibly rugged and maintenance-free. Its military heritage, where the fuel cells were put through the paces via heat, cold, dust, wind and drop testing, as well as years of use in the world’s harshest climates, has proven that the fuel cell can withstand a range of stresses and still perform awlessly.

Environmentally friendly, AMI fuel cells run on propane or natural gas. Both fuel sources are globally available, lightweight and inexpensive, and can be purchased quickly and easily