Met Police utilise unique hydrogen refueller in Suzuki Scooter Trial

The Metropolitan Police are utilising a unique hydrogen refuelling truck from Fuel Cell Systems (FCS Ltd) to provide reliable and flexible refuelling for their trial of Suzuki hydrogen powered scooters.

The Met is helping reduce harmful emissions in London’s air by launching a trial to test the hydrogen powered scooters.

In line with the Mayor of London’s work to tackle London’s toxic air, the Met’s Fleet Services will,  from Monday, 4th September, trial seven Suzuki ‘Burgman Fuel Cell’, zero emission hydrogen scooters as part of their operational capability.

The trial will last for 18 months and will enable the police service to assess their suitability for the various roles the scooters could perform. On a broader scale, it will help them to understand where this clean technology could be adopted across the fleet in the future.

FCS Ltd has recently launched the first ever mobile hydrogen refuelling truck to address the needs of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle users.  Development of an adequate refuelling infrastructure is key to enabling the growth of this cleaner technology and delivering zero emission vehicles in our cities.

The first generation of truck can carry more than 65kg of hydrogen from the available static stations to any other location.  This truck has storage at both 700 and 350 bar pressures.

Tom Sperrey, CEO of FCS Ltd commented, “We are proud to be supporting the Metropolitan Police and Suzuki Motor Corporation in this important trial of hydrogen fuel cell powered scooters in London. We want to ensure that the limited static refuelling infrastructure currently available in the UK does not hinder the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles and developed the mobile refuelling truck concept as a solution for fleet operators.”

Commander Neil Jerome, for Territorial Policing, said: “Being the UK’s largest police service we constantly have vehicles on the roads and therefore it is our aim to make our fleet as clean as we can, whilst maintaining operational capability.

“We are thankful to Suzuki and our partners and look forward with optimism about this innovative and groundbreaking trial. Through collaborative partnerships and innovative testing such as this, we can gain real-life experience of how we can progress our ambition and create a cleaner fleet that will benefit London and the service we provide.”