Marine Fuel Cells

EFOY Comfort Fuel Cell

Our most popular marine fuel cell is the EFOY from SFC. They’re small and lightweight and come in ranges from 40W to 105W. Don’t let the small output power put you off though. When sizing a fuel cell for a boat we always work out your daily usage. On a 30-40 foot yacht this can be about 1kWh. The EFOY Comfort 140 (72W) will produce 1.7kWh each day, so in conjunction with your batteries you will always have enough power.


As well as allowing a cruiser to enjoy a peaceful evening in a quite anchorage, fuel cells for boats can also give the offshore racer an advantage. Installing a fuel cell in your racing yacht can remove the need to regularly monitor battery voltage in order to run the engine or generator to charge the battery. This means you can get on and race!

In addition to removing this worry, marine fuel cells also have the potential to save weight:

  • You can carry less diesel
  • If you were considering a separate generator, these are lighter
  • They have no servicing requirement
  • You may be able to remove one of your domestic batteries


Lizzy Foreman - Mini Transat 2015

1402809_666467816716818_747668587_o"I find the Fuel Cell an extremely reliable, essential piece of equipment onboard my Mini 6.50. During races I hardly have to worry about the state of my batteries; the Fuel Cell automatically kicks in when the power onboard is low, while the methanol cartridges are easy to store and change. It is a very quiet, clean and efficient way to recharge the batteries onboard." 



Nikki Curwen - Mini Transat 2015

1554356_796438020390782_6175735429359592275_n"The Fuel Cell is a brilliant bit of kit, with an automatic kick in, which monitors your battery levels and turns on when it’s needed. Meaning you just don’t have to think about it, you can rely on it to look after everything for you."




Brian Thompson - Round Ireland Record and the Round Ireland Race

brianthompson"Its been great, super reliable, and perfectly balances our consumption"






You’ve been on your yacht sailing all day and you arrive in lovely bay with only a few other boats. You drop the anchor, switch on the anchor light and settle down for a well deserved drink when you hear the battery alarm go off. The wind has dropped and the sun is setting so your wind generator and solar panel are useless. Your only option now is to run your engine for a few hours, ruining the relaxing atmosphere and disturbing your neighbours. Sound familiar?

Fuel cells offer the perfect solution to the ever growing need for on-board power. Unlike solar and wind they run throughout the day and unlike your engine, they’re near silent.


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